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#DeafActiveOnline Zoom Dance Classes

In October 2020 I was contacted by UK Deaf Sport’s project manager regarding an exciting new opportunity to deliver dance classes on Zoom. This followed up on a recent series of dance sessions I was commissioned to deliver by the National Deaf Children’s Society, which I taught over six weeks starting in September.

What is Deaf Active Online?

The hashtag #DeafActiveOnline is the name of the ambitious nationwide campaign spearheaded by UK Deaf Sport and funded by Sport England and Comic Relief, with the aim of reaching out to Deaf and hard of hearing people online, through accessible sports and physical activity, promoting good physical and mental health, wellbeing, staying active and keeping positive.

All classes are led by Deaf professionals and include activities like Yoga, Zumba, Dance, Cardio/HIIT, Gentle Exercise, and more. You can read more about the campaign on the UK Deaf Sport website.

So at the end of October 2020 I began my first Zoom session for UK Deaf Sport’s #DeafActiveOnline campaign. Given that I already accumulated an impressive list of schools in my network as a result of my successful residencies and workshop events in schools around the country since 2018, I was able to contact these schools that I have a bond with, and sure enough, a handful of schools signed up to my new Zoom sessions.

The #DeafActiveOnline campaign initially ran for one series in early 2020, and due to the success and demand of the classes, it received further financial support to continue for Part 2 and then Part 3. I began my first sessions for this campaign in Part 3, and my participants were Deaf and HoH pupils from schools in Birmingham, Liverpool and Yorkshire.

My series ended after six weeks of sessions, and thankfully the schools that took part enjoyed my classes and were keen to continue.

Following an evaluation and final report of Part 3, I received further good news when I was selected again by UK Deaf Sport to continue my Zoom sessions for Part 4.

2021: continuing with new series

Part 4 of #DeafActiveOnline ran for six weeks from March to May 2021 and saw more schools added to my classes, on top of the schools that took part from the previous series. I now had a couple more schools from the London and South East regions.

I am currently in the middle of a brand new series of #DeafActiveOnline sessions for Part 5, with an average of 30 pupils actively involved in each session.

Are you interested in taking part? All children are welcome and all my classes are free.

For more details, you can contact me on or get in touch with my producer Rachael from Deaf Explorer on


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