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1-to-1 Sessions with Choreographer Nathan Marsh

Birmingham-based Nathan Marsh is a highly-accomplished professional dancer with a vast knowledge of dance and an incredible skill set that has made him one of the UK’s best choreographers, having featured on TV shows and at events such as the Birmingham International Dance Festival and Breaking Convention.

With Nathan Marsh during my R&D Project Somebody's Watching Me in 2017.

I first met Nathan Marsh towards the end of my UNLIMITED R&D project last year. Despite only having a couple of days with Nathan during my previous project, I was so impressed with his style that he seemed the perfect choice as my assistant choreographer.

Also, Nathan was very patient with us (deaf artists), and deaf-aware, so communication was not difficult, as it was with the other hearing professionals I worked with last year. My first couple of sessions with Nathan were mostly discussion-based and making notes, as he gave me valuable advice on inspiration and how to find it, particularly when struggling to find fresh new inspiration as what happens all the time with many choreographers, including himself.

These were truly valuable lessons that I learned a lot from. For instance, Nathan taught me to seek inspiration from different sources, when I've reached a creative block.

For example - watching movies, like Spiderman - study his character, body language, his movements, the way he speaks. This applies to any movie and character.

Think like an artist - use what you have in the room / environment around you. Study the lines of the structures, the light and the shadows. Study the skies and the trees.

If you feel lost for inspiration - go to a different place. Sometimes the dance studio, other times the garden, park, cafe, street, factory, and so on.

"Inspiration is everywhere, every hour, every day. How can I not be inspired?" Over the coming weeks I will be meeting with Nathan in the studio and sharing with him the choreography that I’ve created in my own time, and with his guidance I will develop my dance pieces further.

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