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"It Get's Lighter From Here"

Monday 21st December marks the Winter Solstice - the shortest day of the year, and for many people, its been the worst year in living memory.

It Get’s Lighter From Here is a collaborative, cultural experience from the West Midlands Culture Response Unit (WMCRU) - a virtual day of hope and positivity that showcases a collection of 60-second films from organisations across the region.

Deliberately marking the shortest day / longest night of the year, the purpose of the campaign was to provide moments of happiness and hope during what has been an incredibly challenging and unprecedented time for the industry - before it does, quite literally, start to get lighter.

The event involved a huge cross-section of artists and art-forms, with substantial audiences and networks reached across the region and beyond, with the aim of creating a wide celebration of hope, optimism and possibility for the future.

Hundreds of 60-second videos were submitted and released online, one after another, throughout the day. Those who took part included organisations like Birmingham REP, China Plate, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Creative Black Country, MAC, Culture Central, several universities and theatres, and more.

I was grateful to take part in this campaign through Creative Black Country, after being personally asked to submit a video by CBC’s director. You can see my 60-second video called GLOW here:

You can read more about the project and the organisation's work at Culture Central


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